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Augusts News Letter

August 1, 2017

Augusts News Letter:


What have we been up to_


In July GreyFusion has been busy trying to help people understand about Adware & Ransomware. These types of infections are so common now that on average when we scan a PC we are finding between 10 – 20 infections. Which have all sorts of Aware and Malware, from Crypto Trojans that can record your passwords and usernames to annoying little programs which sit there doing one thing and that’s slowing your computer down.


In July, we checked 123 computers and all had some form of Adware & Malware on them. Pretty much Anti viruses are not catching these infections and Aware and Malware are becoming very effective getting on to your computer, through various ways, email attachments, internet popups, all it takes is one click and you have an infection which then can open up the backdoor for more to come in.


If you are using Windows 10 then Microsoft have their own Anti-Virus Built in which is as good as any, and with Microsoft having a dedicated department to try and identify the vulnerabilities within Windows and plug them with security patches quickly as possible, this is why it is so important to ensure your computer has the latest updates.




What is moopod_


moopod is our name for our backup service, you can find out more by going to our new website


It is automatic, works quietly in the background protecting your files while you use your computer.


There is a fantastic offer for students, where they can save 75%, so if you know any students going to start university or college this September then this may appeal to them… you can see the offer


If you are not sure about how to backup and whether you are backing up then why not ask us for advice.





Looking for a new PC for under £400_





Looking for a new computer for your home then why not take a look at this great deal:


Looking for a Laptop:


Also there is a great website that does refurbished laptops, very good specification for low prices, definitely worth a check if you want to get a laptop but don’t mind not having a brand new one…





Whats in the news?_


BBC have recently done an article around the “Mindset you need to avoid Cyber Crime’ it is an interesting read..


One for the teenagers out there, they have got the confidence in computers but do they understand the consequences of their clicking….


We like to call them confident clickers, but they don’t get taught the history or how the computer works in schools. Poor Alan Turin after everything he did and we teach our kids how to manipulate photo’s or start basic programming!!!  


No wonder kids are more likely to try and cause trouble than prevent it…Well the government has decided to try and harness this by launching a scheme for teenagers…


If you know a teenager aged between 14 and 18 Years of age and they enjoy computers and interested in doing some good then this maybe for them





GreyFusion Offers for August_


For our offers for August please click on the link below and save on our services..










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Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

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