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November 2, 2016

I don't know if everyone has the same issue as I use to, but understanding how to get photo's or videos from your smart phone or tablet on to your PC so that you can put them into a folder within "My Pictures" or "Pictures" folder has not been the easiest thing to do...


iTunes does not make it easy or obvious how to import them, where you can just see them, iPhoto just puts them into a program where again its hard to do anything with them.


And when you plug in your Android device it comes up as an extra drive on your PC, however there is a mind field of folder hierarchy that makes it virtually impossible to navigate to the folder where your pictures or videos are stored.


This is why GreyFusion has a solution, we have an App and a easy to find folder that sits on the desktop of the PC and then all you need is Wi-Fi to upload them from your Apple or Android device....the rest is done by the App and software on the PC...also this can all be setup by one of our support guys......


This feature is also great for when you away on holiday in the UK or abroad, all you need is Wi-Fi to be able to upload your photos and when you get home, just switch on your computer and wait for them to download into the desktop folder, from there you can then move them around your PC filing them into folders and then the next best thing happens are backup service will then backup all your files on your PC so then your precious files are never lost...


If you want to see how easy it is and get an idea how it works then why not watch the video below.....






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