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Cloud Backup another reason to have it....

October 22, 2016

We had a client who was pretty savvy when it came to being aware of dodgy emails coming through, however one day this person accidentally clicked on an email that came from a supplier and within the email was a PDF attached....As soon as they clicked on the PDF with seconds all their files were encrypted and then there were popups reffering to the encrypted files asking for Ransom to unlock them with in a certain time frame and not doing so would mean they were encrypted forever!


Well they were encrypted forever! Luckily the client had taken our Cloud Backup service and with this due to the Ransomware changing all the file extensions, we were able to restore all her photo's and other important files that would have been impossible to replicate, especially the memories if they had not had a backup in place....


So even though people don't think about backing up regularly, we have are storing more and more digital content on our phones and computers that we rely on these devices never going wrong....


For small yearly cost this could all be avoided and knowing your data is protected is a nice comfort...


Take a look at our packages which are all setup by our customer service team and you get free UK support.....



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Need help with your computer?

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