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Why Windows 10 does not like sleeping?

Windows for years has had the feature of 'Sleep', which in theory is a great feature. It allows you to put your computer to sleep (not switch off!) but in a state of ON but not working. The 'Sleep' feature was to make your PC faster when you wanted to do something on it without leaving it on or switching off and then on again.

The sleep feature was there to keep your computer from using unnecessary power and reduce the stresses on the components i.e. (Hard Disk Drive) of having the computer on all the time. It was there to make you feel your computer was fast!

Why is the PC sleep feature not a good one?

When you switch a PC on there are a load of processes it needs to load in order for it to work properly, if these processes don't load in order then like most things not given the chance to do things in an order they start misbehaving and work erratically.

When you put your computer to sleep these processes have to shut down very quickly and as they are loaded in a particular order they don't shut down in order to prepare to sleep.

And when you wake your computer up from sleep all these processes that have had to shut down quickly, now need to wake up and start working, they try and load as quickly as possible, so you can use your computer. This works for the first few times, then things start getting weird!

The processes we have just asked to start up very quickly which would normally have a minute to gather themselves, find that the order of 123 does not exist and then the processes that loaded in order 123456 or ABCD etc start loading out of order 256134 and this is whats makes your computer miss behave, and work erratically.

And you start getting 'Not Responding' and everything taking longer than it should to load, work etc.

The other reason Windows 10 does not like sleep is down to updates, they don't happen to get installed when a computer is awake and then sleeping, it can't perform the necessary updates as efficiently as possible...

Best Practice:

If you are at home, leave the computer on and not in any state of sleep or hibernation, with the number of updates that come out from Microsoft on a daily basis, these can easily be installed while the computer is on and at night switch it off/shutdown, by following these simple steps you will have a much happier computer.

If you have any questions, please use the contact button below as we are always happy to help.

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