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Wasteful printers to avoid

While the printers above match top-quality prints with affordable printing costs, not all models reach such levels of excellence. Some printers cost a fortune to buy, underwhelm in terms of their print quality and then, to make matters even worse, will drive up your bills with high printer ink costs. Others seem to be a bargain buy but will cost you more than the printer itself to run every year. Below, we've picked out three printers to steer clear of.

Three expensive printers to run

Canon TS7450 - £198.85. On the surface, this all-in-one inkjet printer from Canon looks like a winner, with solid printing, scanning and copying quality. It tends to drag its heels though – and it costs an absolute fortune in ink cartridges

HP PageWide 377DW - £503.50. HP’s PageWide uses alternative printing technology that delivers top print quality and blistering speed, but that comes at a cost. If you only use this printer occasionally at home, your running costs could be astronomical. It's definitely not for the casual user, so buyer beware.

Epson EXPRESSION HOME XP-2100 - £89.99. The Epson Expression Home XP-2100 doesn’t have much going for it. Print quality is hit and miss, and copies didn’t impress us. Worst of all, it will drain your cash with extremely high printing costs – we estimate they’re about £450 per year.

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