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Upgrading to Windows 11, some can straight away and some can't without a tweak to the settings!!

Many computer users have asked if they can upgrade to Windows 11. The answer in short is yes, everyone can, but not all computers are upgraded ready without some tweaking needed!

In the past Windows when they have bought out a new operating system, have made it pretty easy to upgrade, i.e. Windows 7 to Windows 10, for example, was a great success, for those who had Windows 7 and wanted to upgrade to Windows 10.

To upgrade to Windows 11 is not as simple for all computers, some that have been bought in the last three years should be compatible straight away without any tweaking to the settings of the computer.

However the majority of computers do need a tweak (older than three years), and this does not mean your computer is old or out of date, it just does not have the correct feature available to perform the upgrade without a tweak.

So if you have a computer that has this message below:

To check this, all you need to do is follow these steps:

Download the PC health check from this link and it will tell you if you can upgrade straight away or need some tweaking!

Once you have downloaded the PC Health Check App this will give you a better idea as to whether you can upgrade to Windows 11 straight away or with some tweaking.

Don't worry all is not lost If your PC does need tweaking then we can help you with this, or give you advice, as to whether it is worth the trouble.

You can contact us by clicking the button below:

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Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

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