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How to spot and avoid scam websites..

Which? Have a great video that explains how to avoid and spot scam websites.

Always use a Tech safety checklist:

  1. Create strong unique passwords for each website or online service you use

  2. Protect your computer and other devices with up-to-date security software

  3. Install the latest updates for your phone, tablet or computer. Updates are essential to keep your device safe.

  4. Be cautious of bank transfers. You won't get the same protection as you do with debit or credit card purchases.

  5. Report fake emails, text ad other scams you encounter. Speaking up could stop others from being caught out.

If you think you need your computer checked to make sure it is safe and you are not being left vulnerable then please contact GreyFusion on the button below and we can arrange an appointment to check your PC:

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Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

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