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Buying a printer: the key questions to consider.

If you're not sure what type of printer you need, here are three key questions to consider when buying a new printer:

What will you use your printer for?

If you often print colour documents and photos, you should consider an inkjet printer. Ink is much better at reproducing colour than laser toner. However, if you frequently print letters, documents and office spreadsheets, then a laser printer could be the better – and more economical – choice for your home.

How frequently will you print?

If you print only occasionally – around 30 pages per month, say – a Best Buy inkjet printer costing less than £100 should be fine. If you print regularly, potentially more than 100 pages per month, you should consider increasing your budget. More expensive printers come with useful features such as an automatic document feeder.

How much will the ink cost?

Laser toner cartridges are expensive to buy but generally last longer than ink cartridges. The price of ink will depend on whether you go for original ink (made by the printer brands) or cheaper third-party alternatives. Some inkjet printers use refillable ink tanks instead of cartridges; these can be pricier upfront but have much lower running costs than printers that use cartridges.

Need more help choosing a printer, then why not ask.

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