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Block more spam and scam calls with Truecaller

Truecaller has redesigned its Apple iOS app to make it lighter, faster and much better at blocking spammers and scammers. The company claims the new app identifies ten times as many nuisance numbers as the previous version, bringing it more closely in line with Truecaller for Android.

Before blocking calls using the app, you must go into your iPhone’s settings and choose Phone, then 'Call Blocking & Identification and select all the Truecaller options (see screenshot below). Ensure notifications are switched on so Truecaller’s Call Alerts feature can tell who’s ringing before the call connects. You can also lookup numbers without opening the app. Simply share an entry from your Call Log and tap Search Truecaller to discover the company behind it.

Truecaller, which has more than 300 million users worldwide, is free to use but some of its features require a £26 annual Premium subscription or are available only in the Android version.

These include call announcements, an incognito mode and the ability to schedule ‘ghost calls’ that make your phone ring when you want to escape a boring situation.

Search for Truecaller in either App Store for Apple or Google play for Android.

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