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IT Support Care Packages _


At GreyFusion, we like to take a proactive approach, and with our IT Support Care Packages, we ensure you are up-to-date, secure and safe.


The key benefits of our IT Care Packages include:

  • Monthly Checks - making sure your computer is secure, up to date, and free from infections

  • Unlimited Remote Support (when you need it)

  • Malware Protection 

  • Phone Support 

  • Cloud Backup (each pc has its backup)

  • Booking your monthly check to suit your diary.

  • The latest Office Pro Plus Suite includes Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for each PC.

Having your computer checked regularly is proven to increase the performance and reliability and reduce the amount of phishing emails and scams, please contact us for more information.

Our IT Support Care Packages are perfect for individuals, the self-employed, families and small businesses who want to make sure you have help at hand when needed and the computers are always working, free from infections and up to date with the latest updates.

Key features_

Monthly Checks _

This is where we remote on to your computer each month to check to make sure your computer is up to date, free from infections and secure to use.

Malware Protection_

Malware and Adware are the new viruses that we are all prone to getting when we surf the web or view an email attachment the risk is there more than ever and each month we scan your entire computer to ensure you are free from these threats

Phone Support_

Have a question or query, give us a call and we can answer your questions quickly and easily.

How many computers_

We have two packages Lite which covers 1-2 computers and Pure which covers up to 5 computers

Remote Support_

As part of the care package, you have access to remote support at no extra cost to you, when you run into problems we can remote on to your computer and fix issues.

Cloud Backup_

To give each computer covered even more protection we include our cloud backup which protects your files against Ransomware and hardware failure, checking your computer for new files every 60 minutes.

Update Checks_

Each computer is different and we check programs to make sure they are up to date, doing this keeps your computer secure and less likely to fall victim of fraud.

Book your checks to suit you_

With our online booking system, you can choose the date and time that suits you, allowing you to carry on with your day, this gives you a reminder that your checks are due, and so you will never be missed.

Sign up and get your first check done today
IT Support Care Package Lite
covers up to 2 computers


per month

or choose to pay annually

£499 per year

IT Support Care Package Pure
covers up to 5 computers


Per Month

or choose to pay annually

£799 per year

Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

0330 111 0114

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