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Everyone is relying on their computers more and more and we are expected to do so much more than we ever have needed too.


We at GreyFusion like to take the proactive approach and with our IT Support Care Packages, we make sure that you are up to date, secure and safe from phishing and scammers.


The key benefits of our IT Care Packages include:

  • Monthly Checks - making sure your computer is secure up to date and free from infections

  • Up to 1 hr remote support per month

  • Realtime Malware Protection

  • Phone Support up to 1 hr per month

  • Booking your monthly check to suit your diary

Having your computer checked regularly has proven to increase performance and reliability of your computer and reduce the amount of phishing and scams, please contact us for more information.

Our IT Support Care Packages are perfect for individuals and families who want to make sure you have help to hand when needed and the computers are always working, free from infections and up to date with the latest operating system updates.

Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

0330 111 0114


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T: 0330 111 0114
E: info@greyfusion.co.uk

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