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Advice for your Home IT _


Are you wanting to up-date or make changes to your home IT, but are worried about wasting money or having the wrong items sold to you in the shops? GreyFusion offers you clear advice on the options available to you.


We also offer advice on how to make full use of your home IT capabilities. We have been providing advice to local home users on the following:


  • New computers / Laptops and Smartphones

  • Upgrades Broadband and Wi-Fi

  • Moving home

  • Taking your equipment abroad

  • Devices, Printers/Scanners/Cameras Software packages

  • Security Use of brand new technologies

  • Use of websites

  • Our Cloud Backup MORE>

  • Gaming Control measures for parents


If you would like advice on these or any other IT issues, please contact us.



Need help with your computer?

Need help with your computer?

0330 111 0114

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